Monday, May 16, 2011

Be thankful

     I know what your thinking at this moment. Ugh. Yes, it's maintenance, a long maintenance. Wait, think about it, Ameba Pico staff is trying to add, change, improve, and delete some things. We should be thankful. Who care that its taking a long?

 Really, it's long, but Ameba Pigg usually has more then 5 hours, but sometimes they only get them once a month. I highlighted the word sometimes. Only sometimes they get the maintenance time, but like I said there long. We should be thankful, but also, I wish we could have more time to improve, because did you see Pigg? They have way better stuff. They get guess stars, more people, more fun, and more, more. Now I wish we could get more maintenance time so we can get better stuff.

     Be thankful. Get excited for PROM! Ooh, I so, so happy! Yay! 

     Get your date, your dress, and your dance. Better hurry and find your date. 

     For now, good bye.



This blog, dear readers, almost has no comments. But, you may be one of those quiet readers who do not think of putting comments on anything, fearing we will ignore your comment, as if it had no important meaning to us. NEGATIVE! Your support and your comments mean THE WORLD to us! THE WORLD! This blog, and many others, have allowed people who read our blog to comment, even if they're not on a Google Account. You just have to click Anonymous. And if you don't sign your name, we won't know who you are. Which is good in the shy people's case. So, remember people. We love you! Comment, please!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


     Finally, spring is about to be over and summer is coming. Finally, I got rid of my horrible "capitalize the beginning of every letter" problem. Finally, I'm writing on this amazing. Finally, finally, finally. A new season, a new life. 
    I made a commit to Mel Molly's blog. I will never give up, I'm going to blog my heart out. I'm usually always on Ameba Pico looking for ideas to post, but then, I forget there is one idea right in front me. Friendship. How can I forget my fellow followers, viewers, daily viewers, propers, ringers, and my very own fellow stalkers. We need think to be thankful. So, im sorry, im making a short post, but it's full of love, and meanings. 

    It's not impossible to show your love for how much you care about you fellow followers. Really, truth is, without you there is no us. We would lose our minds without your follows, repost, views, sharing, and more importantly your love. 

    Show your love and email us! You can have a chance of being on our blog and many others just by emailing us. 
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     We really do care if you like us or not. Remember, without you there is no us. Please, you can make us happy! Why or why not? Your choice, do it. We do care, just send us a letter to Mel Molly.  We really do care! Why not try?


Saturday, May 14, 2011

This is a Fairy Tale

Yes,dear readers, our own magical Fairy Tale Room has opened up, and the Snow White Gacha has been RESURRECTED! Boo-yah!!!
Christian's furniture and Mary's fashions also have new items!

My friends and I also have a fun time in that dainty and cozy room. I also found a nice girl/fan, who I enjoyed some time with.
Thanks Rawrrrr!Tash! ;)
That's all for now, dear readers! Just go to this wonderful room, prop your feet up, and CHILLAX!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cool and Pretty Picos on The Street- CAPPOTS {1rst Edition}

Here, they are, again... only for your entertainment. If you see them on the street, please props and ring them!

Aren't they charming? Till next time!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

     Once a year this day can come, why not make it magical? Your mother is the soul of your heart. Be happy, some people don't even have a mother. Bless your mom, grandma, and your women in your whole family. I know what your thinking, but my mom and I got into a fight. We all do right? Well, today forget about it. Give her a cup of coffee and relax the spring breeze on some perfect green grass. Make it something that your mother would like, something you would say or feel if you were in her shoes. Say thanks for everything she did, no matter how much you might be shy to say. Moms might be your hero , but they don't know what your always thinking. I hope you made this day unique just like your mother. 


Happy Mother's Day!

A day to celebrate, and a day to love. A day that we appreciate the woman who made US all into a reality. Mothers! They gave birth to us, they love us, the give us advice.And its not just mothers. It's grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunts,cousins. Everyone who feels like a mother too us And, of course, the most famous of all mothers on Pico(well, at least to bloggers) is Sweets*(formerly sweet_mom).
Sweets* profile on Mother's Day.
That is all for now. Tell your mother you love her!